About the Book

Presley is a troubled teenager who lives in the sleepy rural town of Lock Springs, Missouri. She has a myriad of family problems. Her father is dead and her mother is a selfish alcoholic who leaves Presley to fend for herself. With a lack of guidance and support she turns to her popular but narcissistic boyfriend, Tyler, to find love. Desperate for love and affection she struggles with his blatant unfaithfulness. Presley finds solace in writing music and playing her guitar. She uses her music as an outlet to express her complex teenage emotions as she tries to make sense out of her senseless life. Presley is confused and depressed until she visits a mystical place in another dimension far away from home. She encounters spirits and ghosts including many that want her dead. She meets spiritually advanced beings from another world and from another time. In this other world she meets Jesse, a guy that falls madly in love with her. Confused by his impulsive love, he helps her to unlock the mysteries of her secretive past that open her mind to endless possibilities about her world. This paranormal tale is full of mystic adventure along with a deep spiritual love story filled with passion that will connect with young girls and young women. Just as Presley begins to unravel her startling past she is faced with a heart wrenching decision. She could go back home to her lonesome life or she could stay in this other world with Jesse- along with the evil spirits who want her soul.

It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”

If you believe that . . . then you’ve never lost a love.